Lyle Cherry

Photo of LyleOne of Lyle's restored VWs.

Lyle cherry is an air-cooled VW legend and has helped the VW community all over the world. He has many racing titles, a land speed record and is known for building thousands of racing motors. This man has been a huge help to me and to many others with his knowledge alone. He has come on hard times. Over the holidays he lost his house to a terrible fire, with no home owners insurance he has been left with nothing.

All donations to the Paypal account below will go to help Lyle Cherry get back on his feet. So please give any amount you can. It only takes a second to fill out one form. You don’t need a PayPal account. You input any amount you can afford and either log in to PayPal or click “Continue” to the left of the login box to donate without a PayPal account.